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  1. Flutter Common Widgets 🔥 22.4k flutter 开发者帮助 APP,包含 flutter 常用 140+ 组件的demo 演示与中文文档 📝 3 months ago
  2. Flutter Team Samples 🔥 8.8k A collection of Flutter examples and demos. 📝 5 days ago
  3. Desktop Embedding 🔥 6.8k Experimental plugins for Flutter for Desktop 📝 6 days ago
  4. Bloc 🔥 6.2k A predictable state management library that helps implement the BLoC design pattern 📝 15 days ago
  5. History Of Everything 🔥 5.4k Flutter Launch Timeline Demo 📝 a year ago
  6. Flutter Examples 🔥 5.3k [Examples] Simple basic isolated apps, for budding flutter devs. 📝 a month ago
  7. UI Kit 🔥 5.3k Flutter app for collection of UI in a UIKit 📝 a year ago
  8. Golang Desktop Embedder 🔥 4.5k Flutter on Windows, MacOS and Linux - based on Flutter Embedding, Go and GLFW. 📝 2 months ago
  9. Flame 🔥 3.8k A minimalist Flutter game engine 📝 5 days ago
  10. Provider 🔥 3.2k InheritedWidgets, but simple 📝 8 days ago
  11. Fluro 🔥 3k Fluro is a Flutter routing library that adds flexible routing options like wildcards, named parameters and clear route definitions. 📝 2 months ago
  12. Developer Quest 🔥 2.8k Respository for the I/O 2019 demo: Become a tech lead, slay bugs, and don't get fired. 📝 a year ago
  13. FL Chart 🔥 2.6k A powerful Flutter chart library, currently supporting Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Scatter Chart. 📝 12 days ago
  14. Awesome Flutter tips 🔥 2.4k Flutter tips and tricks Awesome Flutter tips and tricks 📝 a month ago
  15. Graphql 🔥 2.4k A GraphQL client for Flutter, bringing all the features from a modern GraphQL client to one easy to use package. 📝 2 months ago
  16. Get 🔥 2.1k Open screens/snackbars/dialogs/bottomSheets without context, manage states and inject dependencies easily with Get. 📝 2 days ago
  17. GetX 🔥 2.1k Open screens/snackbars/dialogs/bottomSheets without context, manage states and inject dependencies easily with Get. 📝 11 days ago
  18. SpinKit 🔥 2.1k A collection of loading indicators animated with flutter. Heavily Inspired by 📝 10 months ago
  19. WebRTC 🔥 2k WebRTC plugin for Flutter Mobile/Desktop/Web 📝 2 days ago
  20. Sqflite 🔥 2k SQLite flutter plugin 📝 7 days ago
  21. StaggeredGridView 🔥 1.9k A Flutter staggered grid view 📝 24 days ago
  22. Zefyr 🔥 1.8k Soft and gentle rich text editing for Flutter applications. 📝 NaN years ago
  23. Flutter Samples 🔥 1.8k Flutter Samples 📝 a month ago
  24. Official Gallery 🔥 1.7k Flutter Gallery is a resource to help developers evaluate and use Flutter 📝 6 days ago
  25. m2gen 🔥 1.7k 🌐 4 Transform ML models into a native code (Java, C, Python, Go, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, R, PowerShell, PHP, Dart, Haskell, Ruby) with zero dependencies 📝 3 months ago
  26. MobX 🔥 1.7k MobX for the Dart language. Hassle-free, reactive state-management for your Dart and Flutter apps. 📝 a month ago
  27. Rust Desktop Embedder 🔥 1.7k Build beautiful desktop apps with flutter and rust. (wip) 📝 5 months ago
  28. Slidable 🔥 1.6k A Flutter implementation of slidable list item with directional slide actions. 📝 5 months ago
  29. Cached Network Image 🔥 1.6k Download, cache and show images in a flutter app 📝 23 days ago
  30. FlutterGram 🔥 1.6k A fully functional Instagram clone written in Flutter using Firebase / Firestore 📝 6 months ago
  31. Timy Messenger 🔥 1.6k Timy - open source mobile app for groups to communicate and organize themselves. Built with flutter. 📝 a year ago
  32. Roadmap to Flutter Development 🔥 1.5k Highly Subjective Roadmap to Flutter Development 📝 a month ago
  33. Blue 🔥 1.5k Bluetooth plugin for Flutter 📝 2 months ago
  34. Flutter Catalog 🔥 1.3k An app showcasing Flutter components, with side-by-side source code view. 📝 2 months ago
  35. The Gorgeous Login 🔥 1.3k Login page built with @flutter 📝 a year ago
  36. WebView 🔥 1.3k Community WebView Plugin - Allows Flutter to communicate with a native WebView. 📝 2 months ago
  37. Local Notifications 🔥 1.3k A Flutter plugin for displaying local notifications on Android, iOS and macOS 📝 a month ago
  38. Photo View 🔥 1.2k Easy to use yet very customizable zoomable image widget for Flutter, Photo View provides a gesture sensitive zoomable widget. Photo View is largely used to show interacive images and other stuff such as SVG. 📝 2 months ago
  39. AutoSizeText 🔥 1.2k Flutter widget that automatically resizes text to fit perfectly within its bounds. 📝 2 months ago
  40. Music Player 🔥 1.2k Flutter Music Player - First Open Source Flutter based material design music player with audio plugin to play local music files. 📝 a year ago
  41. Shimmer 🔥 1.1k A package provides an easy way to add shimmer effect in Flutter project 📝 3 days ago
  42. Flutterial 🔥 1.1k Flutter Material Theme editor 📝 a year ago
  43. Chewie 🔥 1.1k The video player for Flutter with a heart of gold 📝 11 days ago
  44. Clone UI Challenges 🔥 1.1k Flutter UI examples 📝 8 months ago
  45. InAppWebView 🔥 1.1k A Flutter plugin that allows you to add an inline webview, to use a headless webview, and to open an in-app browser window. 📝 4 months ago
  46. Permission Handler 🔥 1.1k Permission plugin for Flutter. This plugin provides a cross-platform (iOS, Android) API to request and check permissions. 📝 4 months ago
  47. RiverPod 🔥 1.1k A simple way to access state while robust and testable. 📝 24 days ago
  48. Tetris 🔥 1.1k a tetris game powered by flutter. 使用flutter开发俄罗斯方块。 📝 4 months ago
  49. Launcher Icons 🔥 1.1k Flutter Launcher Icons - A package which simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app's launcher icon. Fully flexible, allowing you to choose what platform you wish to update the launcher icon for and if you want, the option to keep your old launcher icon in case you want to revert back sometime in the future. Maintainer: @MarkOSullivan94 📝 3 months ago
  50. SVG 🔥 1k SVG parsing, rendering, and widget library for Flutter 📝 22 days ago
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